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December 9, 2016

Colorado: Colorado Music Strategy

The Colorado Music Strategy is a new $200,000 public-private partnership between Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) and the Bohemian Foundation that aims to generate opportunities for live music, thereby increasing revenue for musicians and presenting organizations, enriching the state’s culture, and raising its profile as a destination for the arts. The new program includes an annual music industry conference; seven regional advisory groups addressing local needs; research conducted by the University of Colorado Denver and Colorado State University; and CCI’s Detour pilot program, which since 2015 has facilitated live music performances in small and rural communities. The Colorado music ambassador, a new honorary post appointed by CCI and the governor, is the face of the program and will advocate for film, television and other licensing opportunities for local musicians. The Bohemian Foundation is managing the day-to-day aspects of the Colorado Music Strategy, including the program’s $50,000 Colorado Music Event Fund and the grants to be awarded from it. The strategy—which CCI developed based on feedback from musicians, venue operators, community radio stations, creative districts, elected officials and other stakeholders from 37 communities—aligns with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s focus on leveraging creative industries to strengthen local economies and enhance residents’ quality of life. To learn more, contact CCI Director Margaret Hunt.
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