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March 10, 2015

California: CREATE CA Report

CREATE CA, a statewide arts education coalition, recently published a summary report of its work to improve California’s public schools through arts education. A Blueprint for Creative Schools distills CREATE CA’s findings and lays the foundation of a 21st-century model of education based on the pedagogical value of the arts and creativity. When CREATE CA was launched two years ago, the state superintendent of public instruction tasked the California Arts Council (CAC) and the coalition’s other leading partners—the California Department of Education, California Alliance for Arts Education, California State PTA and California County Superintendents Educational Services Association—with investigating and providing guidance on seven policy areas. To that end, CAC staff and council members contributed their expertise and knowledge to the report, which was written and designed with CAC funding. The release of the summary report, however, is not the end of CAC’s involvement in this interagency effort. CAC will continue to help steer CREATE CA’s work to convene stakeholders, to facilitate dialogue and to otherwise foster arts education in California. For more information, contact CAC Public Information Officer Caitlin Fitzwater.

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