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February 5, 2013

Missouri: Libraries Become Cultural Centers

The Missouri Arts Council (MAC) is promoting model programs in which local libraries are broadening access to the arts for Missouri citizens. Through its newsletter and website, MAC is highlighting innovative library programs that build audiences for both libraries and the arts while fostering community literacy and strengthening relationships between libraries and artists. The model programs take many forms: permanent and temporary art exhibits, movie nights, plays, live music, author and artist talks, youth art contests, and living history enactments. (Not to mention the occasional mini-golf event!) Many of these programs provide arts participation opportunities in neighborhoods and rural areas with limited access to other cultural venues. By promoting model programs such as these, the Missouri Arts Council hopes to encourage accessibility to the arts in communities of all sizes and to increase awareness of the arts as a normal part of daily life. Find out more from MAC Public Information Coordinator Barbara MacRobie.

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