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September 1, 2012

Oregon: Arts Build Communities Monograph

The Oregon Arts Commission has published a new monograph, Arts Build Communities. The publication chronicles outcomes of 24 recent community projects that used the arts to address various civic issues, ranging from cleaning up ocean and beach debris to improving health care in rural hospitals and promoting regional tourism in the Columbia Gorge. Each project was supported by an Arts Build Communities (ABC) grant from the Arts Commission. In 2011, ABC grant-supported projects attracted more than $620,000 in matching funds and in-kind support, a return of more than 5:1 on the Arts Commission’s investment. The latest monograph—the most recent edition in a series of reports documenting the ABC program’s achievements over time—brings the grantee stories to life through compelling photographs, personal testimony and impact statistics from each site. For more information on the ABC program or the latest monograph, contact Oregon Arts Commission Community Development Coordinator Brian Wagner.

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