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August 11, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How many states offer multi-year funding to grantees?

Answer: Thirty-four state arts agencies currently employ multi-year funding strategies. General operating support and arts education are the grant categories most often organized in this way, with approval cycles averaging two or three years.

States who employ multi-year funding report that this strategy helps to achieve continuity in grant award levels, which facilitates financial and strategic planning among grantees and encourages work toward long-term goals. Multi-year approval cycles can also reduce grants administration and panel costs for the state arts agency. The feasibility of multi-year funding, however, depends on a number of factors—including the characteristics of the state’s arts community and the stability of the state arts agency budget, itself.

For More Information: Contact Emily Ellis for more details about state arts agency grant guidelines and examples of multi-year funding programs.

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