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April 21, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My agency receives an annual Partnership Agreement award from the National Endowment for the Arts. If we secure an extension on that grant, we get extra time to submit my Final Descriptive Report (FDR) information to the NEA and NASAA, right?

Answer: Wrong! All state arts agencies must submit a statistical report on or before their original reporting due date. If an extension has been granted, that report is an “interim” version, including whatever FDR data on grantees and activities is available to your agency at that time. Interim reports are due to the NEA and NASAA no later than 90 days after your original project end-date. A second FDR report reflecting finalized statistics is then required at the end of your extension period.

Timely submission of interim and final reports is critical. It is through your FDR reports that NASAA and the NEA are able to respond to questions from Congress and tell the story of the impact of public funding in America. So don’t keep us in suspense…send NASAA your data on time!

For More Information: For specific information about interim and final reporting requirements, contact Kelly Liu at the NASAA office or refer to the NEA requirements at:

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