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NASAA 2023 Learning Series

Join your colleagues from all of the states and jurisdictions for professional development sessions designed for the current needs of state arts agencies. During the NASAA 2023 Learning Series, participants will explore subjects relevant to equity, recovery, arts and health, and more. Sessions offer state arts agencies a valuable opportunity to learn with and from one another, sharing an abundance of ideas to inform, inspire and energize our work.

All staff and council/board members from state arts agencies and regional arts organizations are encouraged to participate. To make this program accessible to all members, NASAA has waived all registration fees for this series.

Remediating Pandemic Learning Loss and the Arts

March 21, 2023
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern

As we are moving further away from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the full impact of the related learning disruptions is becoming better understood. According to the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress, severe damage has been inflicted on student performance, with an estimated two decades of progress wiped out. It could take decades for students to fully catch up.

Join NASAA for a look at the current state of pandemic related learning loss, what policies states are putting into place to combat it, and the role arts education can play in remediating it. Experts from the Arts Education Partnership, the Education Commission of the States, Arts for Learning Maryland and the South Carolina Arts Commission will share examples and ideas on how state arts agencies are and can continue to support efforts in their states.


Making a Strong Case for the Arts

February 8, 2023
3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

How can state arts agencies and cultural advocates make a convincing case for public investment in the arts? What rationales work the best to educate the public and inspire support across the political spectrum? NASAA’s advocacy messaging guide, Arts and Creativity Strengthen Our Nation, offers evidence based approaches adaptable to many settings and circumstances. Join this session to hear how three state arts agencies have found it useful in communicating about their impact and value. There will be time for Q&A, so bring your own challenges and experiences. This session is open to all state arts agency and regional arts organization staff and council members, as well as cultural advocates.

SPEAKERS Michael Lange, Executive Director, Wyoming Arts Council; Miah Michaelsen, Executive Director, Indiana Arts Commission; David Schmitz, Administrator, Iowa Arts Council


Untapped Opportunity: Older Americans & the Arts

December 6, 2022
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Please join us on Tuesday, December 6, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern for our first web session in the NASAA 2023 Learning Series featuring a presentation on clear and actionable items from the new Culture Track report,  Untapped Opportunity: Older Americans & the Arts.

Dr. Jen Benoit-Bryan, president of Slover Linett Audience Research, outlines the findings and discusses how you and your constituents can take action around five key themes:

  • social connections
  • creative activities and the desire to feel a sense of accomplishment
  • online arts and culture activities
  • encountering new ideas and learning
  • bridging divisions in the country