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The best advocate for the arts is you! Help the arts to thrive in your state by taking five simple action steps today:

American Ingenuity

Creativity is a quintessentially American strength. The arts help us solve complex problems, connect with each other, provide good jobs and grow our economy.

Art Heals

Art therapy is a powerful healing force for America’s veterans, aging populations, and people coping with depression, addiction, cancer or other health challenges. Research proves that art therapy lowers the need for pain medications, improves coping skills, engages the patient’s family, reduces anxiety and depression, and cuts down time spent in the hospital.

Student Success

The arts cultivate young imaginations and facilitate success in school, enhancing students’ academic achievement in multiple subject areas. They provide the critical thinking, communications and innovation skills essential to a productive work force.

Art in Our Everyday Lives

The arts foster quality of life, civic vibrancy, economic opportunity, accessibility and cultural heritage. When funding for the arts is threatened, we risk losing what makes our communities and our country so special.

Why Should Government Support the Arts?

NASAA has compiled more evidence that government investment in the arts contributes to economic growth, healing, student success, thriving communities and more. For answers to common questions and fact based talking points about public support of the arts, see Why Should Government Support the Arts?


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