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January 3, 2024

From the Field

Nonprofit Data Source and Research Tool

Candid provides free demographic data, alongside other for-cost data sets, on nonprofit organizations’ board and staff. The demographic data set currently contains over 62,000 nonprofits, with 1,000 of the organizations updating their profiles with new data each month. More information on tapping into Candid’s demographic data can be found in Making Meaning of Candid’s Free Demographic Data Set. The data set’s manual, Analyzing Candid’s Demographic Data, provides further in-depth details on each element in the data set.

Philanthropic Funding for Racial Equity

Philanthropic capital has the potential to advance more racially equitable outcomes, but it must be tailored to address community needs and realities. By analyzing Candid data, McKinsey’s Philanthropy practice and the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility reveal geospatial patterns in racial equity funding, relative to economic insecurity and racial income disparities. In Examining Philanthropic Funding for Racial Equity across the United States, the Institute determined that economic insecurity aligns with the distribution of communities of color, driven by structural factors such as occupational segmentation and historical wealth gaps. Despite the similar geographic distributions of economic insecurity and income disparities, philanthropic giving for racial equity remains concentrated on the coasts, leaving many communities with high needs underserved. The analysis prompts questions for philanthropic funders and community stakeholders, urging exploration into the alignment of funding with relative needs, targeted grant making, and collaboration with other place based investors to address significant community needs.

Forecasting 2024 State Legislative Priorities

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has released a new collection of legislative policy topics that NCSL expects to take priority at state legislatures in 2024. Special Report: A Look at 2024’s Trending Legislative Topics provides short summaries of trending topics and potential actions across 12 broad categories, including health care, education, racial and social justice, artificial intelligence, climate, and slowing economic growth.

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