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June 7, 2023

From the Field

Spread the Word about State Digital Equity

The Digital Equity Act will provide $2.7 billion to establish three grant programs that promote digital equity and inclusion. The goal is to ensure that all Americans not only have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet but also have the skills and resources needed for full participation in the society and economy of the United States. In April, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) cohosted a webinar with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) staff to discuss arts, culture, and the Digital Equity Act.

NTIA staff and state digital equity officers are currently in the process of developing State Digital Equity Plans across the United States and jurisdictions. There will be a period for public comment/feedback on the draft state plans, some of which may have time-sensitive requests for comments. Please help spread the word to your constituents to keep an eye out for the release of state digital equity plan drafts, and to participate in the feedback/comment period. In addition, there may be options to organize additional state and regional listening sessions cohosted by NTIA state offices. For more information, please reach out to the NEA’s Media Arts team.

Local Arts Agency Funding and Arts Vibrancy

SMU Data Arts has published Local Arts Agency Funding and Arts Vibrancy, which details the positive impact local arts agencies (LAAs) have on arts communities. SMU Data Arts suggests that local governments often do not see the value that LAAs add to the local arts scene and are quick to cut their funding. This report examines the effect of LAA funding on overall arts vibrancy, which SMU measures on the city and county level, and it shows that LAAs have a positive effect on the major indicators of arts vibrancy: the number of arts providers, arts dollars, and state and federal arts funding to cities and counties.

Filling the Well Arts Podcast

Arts Midwest’s Filling the Well podcast series returned in spring 2023 with six new episodes, which featured conversations with creative change makers sharing their perspectives on issues relating to mental health, environmental conservation, cultural preservation, community well-being and more. The latest episode features the cofounders of Wormfarm Institute discussing their journey to better understand their community and highlight the role of the institute’s farm based artist residency program in fostering curiosity, presence and pride of place. In the coming weeks, a new episode on entrepreneurship will be released.

Unequal Performing Arts Recovery

Not All Recoveries are Created Equal: A Snapshot of the 4 Genres, published by Jill Robinson, is a short article that explores the different recovery trajectories of performing arts genres. Using data from TRG Arts’s Arts and Culture Benchmark, the article finds that, compared to 2019, performing arts centers and ballet have seen the most recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, while theater and classical music performances are seeing slower recovery, measured as ticket and gift revenue. The article suggests that organizational recovery may be tied to maintaining relationships with customers and donors and offers suggestions for bolstering organizational recovery.

Community Arts Organizations and Economic Uncertainty

The National Guild for Community Arts Education recently presented Preparing Your Community Arts Organizations for Economic Uncertainty. This webinar examines the causes of economic instability and their unique impacts on the nonprofit sector, such as reduced funding and cash flow instability alongside an increased need for services. The webinar offers five suggestions for managing risk: transparency about challenges, diversification of revenue, budget scenario planning, contingency planning and building partnerships.

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