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December 12, 2011

Utah: Change Leader Brochure

Many state arts agencies provide documentation about their grant outlays, but articulating the impact of nongrant programs, such as training and technical assistance, can be more challenging. To address this issue, the Utah Division of Arts and Museums recently released a report about its Change Leader program. Formatted as a concise brochure, the document features:

  • Charts showing the perceived impact of the Change Leader program on communities, organizations and individuals
  • Demographic facts about Change Leader participants, highlighting the significant rural representation within the program
  • Highlights of selected Change Leader initiatives taking place in Utah communities
  • An outline of the Change Leader curriculum, emphasizing skills seen as important to business and policy audiences

The brochure summarizes data drawn from Change Leader testimonials as well as a “2010 Impact Survey” of the program. For more information about the Change Leader program, or to request a complete copy of the program impact survey, contact Performing Arts & Conference Coordinator Jason Bowcutt.

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