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July 13, 2010

New Mexico: T.I.M.E.

The T.I.M.E. (Temporary Installations Made for the Environment) project of New Mexico Arts (NMA) provides the agency an opportunity to partner with a local community each year to commission up to 10 temporary, visually engaging, and conceptually rich environmental artworks. The artwork, which relates to a designated theme for the community, is displayed for a short term, with the opening of the exhibit tied to an important community event. NMA is interested in interactive art that encourages an audience response and transforms participants into active contributors to the creative process. The artworks are displayed for the length of the exhibit, and at the end of the exhibition are disassembled and removed, leaving no trace of having existed. T.I.M.E. was inspired by the emerging public art trend to engage artists interested in creating more spontaneous and immediate artworks with short life spans. NMA hopes that this kind of project will engage both communities and artists in the public art process. The current project for 2010 is a partnership with the Pojoaque Pueblo and the New Mexico Tourism Department. For more information, contact NMA Public Art Program Manager Chuck Zimmer.