Tennessee Arts Commission: Creative Aging Tennessee II

Project Description


Creative Aging Tennessee II will increase the capacity and knowledge of Tennessee-based artists and arts organizations by implementing two (2) activities. First, Lifetime Arts will virtually train a core group of up to 50 artists and arts organizations in sequential learning techniques for older adults. Two (2) training sessions will be held, one being in the summer of 2021 and another in spring 2022. These sessions will add to the existing wealth of knowledge that artists and arts organizations have within the state and expand the number of individuals on the Arts Commission’s online Teaching Artist roster who are currently trained and ready to work with older adults.

Second, to address resource gaps, especially in rural areas, a $75,000 grant program will provide seed funding to nonprofits throughout Tennessee to serve older adults. Nonprofits would apply for the grants opportunity and be required to contract with a Creative Aging Teaching artist on the roster to provide sequential arts learning programs for older adults. Applicants will be able to apply for up to $3,000 in program support with no match. Dollars will be allocated across geographic areas, including rural counties and diverse regions, to ensure maximum impact.

Through the Creative Aging Tennessee II program, partners like nonprofit organizations that serve older adults and individual artists will be essential to the program’s success.