Kentucky Arts Council: Arts Access Assistance: Creative Aging and Lifelong Learning

Project Description


The Arts Access Assistance: Creative Aging and Lifelong Learning initiative will include two rounds of grant funding across Kentucky. Eligible projects use the arts to directly serve individuals age 65 and older or communities of individuals with a majority of representatives age 65 and older. Grants support arts programs that serve populations whose opportunities to experience the arts may be limited by age, in addition to other factors such as geographic location, race or ethnicity, economic status, or disability. Grants increase the resources of organizations that may currently serve this population in other capacities. The project will include the formation of the Kentucky Creative Aging Workgroup, a coalition of partners interested in supporting the project and providing input on best practices in working with aging populations. Finally, the project includes workshops and training on best practices in creative aging for partners, organizations and artists who want to participate in the initiative.