NASAA listservs are a channel for quick communication and response on matters important to the work and responsibilities of state arts agency peer groups. Listservs also can be used to discuss issues of topical interest to the field and for planning and collaborative activities. Listservs are open to state arts agency staff members who undertake the relevant responsibilities on an ongoing or interim basis. NASAA currently maintains the following listservs:

Executive Directors
Listserv Manager: Kelly Barsdate

Deputy Directors
Listserv Manager: Sylvia Prickett

Accessibility Coordinators
Listserv Manager: Eric Giles & Declan Wicks

Arts Education Managers
Listserv Manager: Meghan McFerrin

Communications Managers/Public Information Officers
Listserv Manager: Sue Struve

Community Development Managers
Listserv Manager: Eric Giles

Folk and Traditional Arts Program Managers
Listserv Manager: Sylvia Prickett

Gallery Managers
Listserv Manager: Eric Giles

Grants & Fiscal Officers
Listserv Manager: Kelly Liu

Public Art Managers
Listserv Manager: Eric Giles

People of Color Affinity Group
Listserv Manager: Marisa Summers

Listserv Tips

  • Participation: To subscribe to a NASAA listserv, or to learn how to post messages to the system, please contact the listserv manager noted above.
  • Spam filters: Spam filtering set up by your state could block listserv messages or communications from NASAA. Make sure you tell your system administrator to allowlist the domains of “” and “” to make sure you receive all essential communications.
  • Archives: Each NASAA listserv includes a searchable online archive that is accessible to subscribed users. Your listserv’s main page contains a link to its archive. If you would like to receive a daily digest of listserv messages rather than each individual message, you can set this up after you have created your password for the site.

If you have additional questions about NASAA listservs, please contact NASAA Communications Manager Sue Struve.