Member Benefits

Arts and creativity strengthen our nation. They help people and places to thrive by growing our economy, fortifying our well-being, driving educational success and connecting us to each other.

State arts agencies strengthen America’s communities, ensuring that all towns and rural regions—not just the largest cities or wealthiest areas—have access to the positive impacts of the arts.

NASAA, in turn, strengthens state arts agencies, equipping them with the information and tools they need to serve the public responsively, accountably and inclusively. We do this through:

  • Knowledge: NASAA is a clearinghouse for accurate and authoritative data. Our research and professional development services inform and inspire state arts agencies, sparking new ways of working, serving the public and developing the resilience of our field.
  • Representation: NASAA is a champion and advocate for state arts agencies, asserting the importance of the arts to decision makers. We foster cross-sector support for the arts and give state arts agencies a persuasive policy voice.
  • Community: NASAA convenes state arts agencies. Our warm and welcoming professional community energizes the work of state arts agencies, unites our members around common goals, and helps state arts agencies accomplish together more than they could alone.

NASAA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Our work is grounded in public benefits and the power of arts to strengthen the fabric of American communities. By helping state arts agencies develop effective policies and programs for serving their residents, the specific benefits of NASAA’s work ultimately accrue not only to state arts agencies, but also to residents of every U.S. state and jurisdiction.

Our core services are supported through dues, charitable contributions, and grants from government and philanthropic sources. In addition to core services, NASAA also offers customized training and research services offered on a fee basis. Learn more about supplemental services by contacting Kelly Barsdate.

If you currently work for or serve on the board of a state arts agency, you are already a NASAA member! All state arts agency staff and council members can tap the full array of NASAA’s benefits, access our materials and call on us for help. Make sure you are on our information distribution list by contacting Sue Struve at the NASAA office.

Even if you are not a current NASAA member, there are many ways to be a part of our work. You can advocate for strong public support for the arts in your community and state using the many free resources on our website; you can keep up with the latest news by signing up for NASAA’s monthly newsletter and legislative updates (contact Sue Struve) ; and you can donate to NASAA’s annual fund. Your gift helps NASAA provide essential support to state arts agencies, and as a donor we’ll keep you connected to the people, issues and ideas that are important to you.

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