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Strategic Planning

NASAA’s current strategic plan was ratified by the membership in 2012, and the board reaffirmed its currency in 2014. Although member satisfaction with NASAA is strong, state arts agency environment is always evolving. Now is an optimal time to consider our goals and to assess NASAA’s strategic position, potential opportunities and priorities for serving the membership. To this end, a new comprehensive strategic planning process is under way. Planning activities will take place in 2016 and 2017, toward new plan to take effect in fiscal year 2018.


Pending Ratification

Many thanks to the hundreds of individuals across the nation who participated in the planning process! The final draft is pending ratification by the NASAA board and membership. It reflects the high-caliber advice we received from members as well as ideas and wise counsel from leaders in other sectors. We invite you to explore the document prior to our upcoming business meeting, to be held October 13, 2017, in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about the process for developing the new plan, please see below or contact NASAA Chief Program and Planning Officer Kelly Barsdate.

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Future Oriented

We set the stage with a visioning session on state arts agency change at NASAA’s 2015 Leadership Institute. Then the NASAA board (representing 21 states) devoted a planning retreat to forecasting the future of our field. We’re taking new political realities into account and mining policy trend analyses from experts in many sectors.

Member Driven

NASAA’s planning offers many ways for state arts agencies to weigh in. The NASAA board framed the effort in spring 2016, then multiple member committees took part (including Planning & Budget, Nominating, and Resource Development). Most important are the voices of the membership at large, which we’re capturing through:


and opportunities to:

  • comment on the draft (summer 2017)
  • vote on the new plan (fall 2017)

Data Driven

NASAA’s approach is rigorous and informed by evidence. (And just a little nerdy, but in a lovable way.) We are:




InclusiveWe’re casting a wide net for new ideas and diverse opinions. To do this, NASAA is convening regional arts organizations and national arts service groups. We’re reaching out to cultural advocates and networks that influence public policy. We’re also interviewing leaders in the business, rural development, education, health and community development sectors.


Our new plan will plainly articulate NASAA’s work, building on the strengths of our existing plan while retooling to meet the demands of the future. Our board will help us to pick our shots, be realistic about resources and keep a tight focus on NASAA’s mission: to strengthen state arts agencies.


NASAA’s strategic plan articulates NASAA’s long-range goals and objectives. To stay nimble, we also develop annual action plans that guide our short-term activities. This helps NASAA stay in sync with constantly evolving needs, opportunities and constraints.


As an organization that uses public funds, NASAA’s planning is fully transparent to members. For the full details, consult our Planning & Budget Committee working papers or contact NASAA Chief Program and Planning Officer Kelly Barsdate.

Planning & Budget Committee

NASAA’s Planning & Budget Committee leads NASAA’s long-range planning and annual action planning. The committee includes a mix of executive directors and council members with diverse skills and geographic perspectives:



Ken May (ED-SC), NASAA Treasurer, Committee Chair
Ben Brown (AK-CH), NASAA 1st Vice President
Theresa Colvin (ED-Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation)
Stephanie Conner (CM-TN)
Monica Guzman (CM-GU)
Randy Rosenbaum (ED-RI)
Amber Sharples (ED-OK)
John Strickland (CM-WV)

The committee welcomes comments and suggestions from members. Contact NASAA Treasurer Ken May to share your ideas or questions.