State Arts Agency Revenues, Fiscal Year 2024

NASAA announces the release of State Arts Agency Revenues, Fiscal Year 2024, which presents data on the decrease in state arts agency legislative appropriations and revenues for the current fiscal year, and the impact of expiring federal and state pandemic relief funding. Included in the release is a series of interactive dashboards to explore FY2024 revenue data. View per capita appropriations for every state and jurisdiction, and drill down into the series to discover top-line appropriation figures, trends over time, funding sources and regional comparisons.

In addition to the visualizations, the FY2024 State Arts Agency Revenues report delivers comprehensive data and detailed tables describing state arts agency funding within the context of national trends. An accompanying press release provides a synopsis of the findings.

Feel free to circulate this information among your members and partners. If you have any questions about the report—or would like additional information on state arts agency funding—please visit the Funding and Grant Making sections of the NASAA website, or contact NASAA Research Manager Mohja Rhoads or another member of the NASAA research staff for assistance.

Thank you again for all that you have done this year—and continue to do—to support state arts agencies and public funding for the arts in the United States.

Mohja Rhoads
Research Manager

Nakyung Rhee
Research Associate