Clear Evidence: Arts and Creativity Drive Economies and Build Resilience

New research commissioned by NASAA shows that the arts are a highly effective economic investment that drive state economies, regardless of how other economic sectors perform.

This original research provides strong, causal and statistically valid evidence showing that growth in the arts and culture sector positively impacts growth in the overall economy.

According to three analytical models, the value added by the creative economy had a significant positive effect on aggregate (non-arts) gross state products between 2001 and 2021.

The Arts and Culture Sector’s Contributions to Economic Recovery and Resiliency in the United States, 2001-2021, is updated research conducted by Prof. Douglas S. Noonan of Indiana University Indianapolis that builds on his previous work showing that the arts and culture sector contributed to economic growth following the Great Recession. This new report provides even stronger evidence pertaining to the significant effects arts and culture production had on recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. See the Key Findings and Technical Report.

These reports were developed primarily for policy audiences, to clearly articulate that investments in the arts and creative industries are strategies that benefit overall state economies, improving the economic conditions and quality of life for all residents.

Despite the clear economic benefits that thriving arts communities and creative industries provide, many arts organizations continue to struggle in the aftermath of the pandemic. NASAA encourages you to share and disseminate this research broadly, and to use it to make the case for continued investments in arts, culture and creativity to benefit your state.

Please feel free to reach out to NASAA with any questions or for help with communicating about this research.