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How Your Gift Helps

State arts agencies rely on NASAA—and NASAA relies on you! Contributions from individuals make it possible for NASAA to provide the best knowledge and advocacy resources for state arts agencies. Your gifts also foster the supportive community state arts agencies depend on to strength their work. Here are a few examples of what you helped NASAA get done last year:

Inspiring Information

Your gift helps state arts agencies stay ahead of the curve by tapping into authoritative data and new ideas.

  • Fulfilled 502 information requests by providing customized data and consultation

  • Promoted best practices—such as diversity policies and military partnerships—and showcased 31 innovative state arts agency initiatives

  • Brought data to life with dynamic tools: Who's Who in Government Arts Funding, Per Capita Ranking Estimation Tool and Grant-Making Explorer

Persuasive Federal Advocacy

Your gift ensures that state arts agency voices are heard on Capitol Hill and helps NASAA protect the arts from funding threats.

  • Represented state arts agency interests in Congress, protecting National Endowment for the Arts funds and the 40% that goes to states and regions

  • Worked in coalition with other arts advocates to ensure the arts were included in the new Every Student Succeeds Act

Empowered State Advocacy

Your gift helps state and local advocates make a convincing case for public support of the arts.

  • Launched a new series, The Practical Advocate, that boosts good advocacy practices by council members and constituents

  • Alerted state arts agencies to 106 arts bills introduced during states' 2016 legislative sessions

Informed Leaders

Your gift supports year-round learning through in-person and virtual convenings.

  • 91 members from 28 states participated in NASAA web seminars

  • 335 members attended one (or more) conferences over the last year


The impact of your support doesn’t stop with NASAA—it contributes to a thriving nation.

Your support helped state arts agencies fund 21,614 projects in more than 6,900 American communities.

NASAA strengthens the work of all state arts agencies, who in turn make it possible for everyone in every state to experience and participate in the arts.

Thank you!

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Want to learn even more on how NASAA is working for you, state arts agencies, and the arts? Please see our NASAA 2018 Midyear Action Plan Highlights for a comprehensive list of what we achieved last year. NASAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you for considering a gift to NASAA!