Utah Division of Arts & Museums: A Lifetime of Arts Elevated

Project Description


Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UA&M) is thrilled to advance creative aging across the state. UA&M will engage the services of nationally renowned creative aging experts at Lifetime Arts to offer a series of professional development courses for cultural institution staff members and professional artists. Artists will be compensated for participating in training and completing a practicum project. Cultural organizations will receive funding to host events. Course participants will create a network of individuals throughout Utah’s cultural community trained in the best practices of creative aging. Along with training, UA&M will partner with the Utah Commission on Aging to ensure creative aging programs are present in senior centers across the state as well as on the Utah Virtual Senior Center, a new platform that allows seniors to engage in activities from home. Additionally, UA&M will support the annual Creative Age Conference that will be hosted in St. George, Utah, in fall 2021. UA&M looks forward to advancing creative aging programming and elevating the lives of all who live here.