South Dakota Arts Council: Lifelong Arts Learning for Remote and Rural South Dakotans

Project Description


The Lifelong Arts Learning for Remote and Rural South Dakotans project will expand South Dakota Arts Council’s Art for Life program and provide start-up funding for a new grant program that will pay teaching artists to provide arts learning projects in remote and rural communities. The expanded Art for Life partnership program will engage local arts agencies with senior-residence sites to carry out more frequent Art for Life activities and afford funding for more artist fees and supplies. The South Dakota Arts Council will also launch a new grant opportunity for teaching artists to apply for direct funding for arts learning activities in their communities and surrounding areas to provide skill-building arts learning opportunities for older adults in partnership with community arts organizations, senior centers and/or senior-living facilities. Professional development opportunities will be provided for artists and program coordinators as this project is developed and implemented. This combination of working with artists and organizations will be most effective due to the rural nature of South Dakota and allow the Arts Council to make strategic decisions regarding access and equity for program placement.