Oklahoma Arts Council: Creative Aging across Oklahoma

Project Description


The Oklahoma Arts Council will hire an arts learning in communities director to conduct an environmental scan of Oklahoma’s older adults to determine needs, access to services across different communities and key areas of programmatic focus. The arts learning in communities director will also engage in training and consultation with Lifetime Arts and develop a plan to deliver trainings to stakeholders. Trainings may be tailored to different regions, types of organizations (museums, libraries, tribal nations, etc.) or individuals (teaching artists, program directors, etc.). The director will convene an advisory group of creative aging leaders to provide driving guidance to the program. Rural and urban representation, diverse cultural representation and diversity of abilities will be important factors in selecting members for this body. The work of this advisory group will culminate in a statewide creative aging summit in spring 2022. The summit will include at least one session dedicated to teaching artist training, planned in coordination with Lifetime Arts, as well as sessions geared toward other entities of the arts and cultural field that will give them tools and incentive to expand creative aging programs across the state.