North Dakota Council on the Arts: Tiny Press Kit

Project Description


North Dakota Council on the Arts’s Art for Life Program will partner with North Dakota State University’s School of Design, Architecture and Art, as well as folk artists, to create four unique sets of art kits with sequential, skill based art instruction videos accessible online for elders. Printmaking that incorporates folk art designs from East Indian Warli, Swedish bonadsmålning, Norwegian skinfelling and Lakota ledger art will be the primary focus. To make the kits affordable, designed and adapted for elder mobility issues, and easily shipped, 16 3-D printers with laser cutters will be used to create working 3-D models of printing presses no bigger than a shoebox. The kits will include printing presses, art materials, creative aging resources and curriculum. The kits can stand alone with online video instruction or be used by artists to complement in-person residencies. The printing will connect to holidays and other occasions where greeting card exchanges are part of the already existing cultural practices of the elders connecting them to loved ones. An intergenerational component is an important part of the effort with schoolchildren participating in the printmaking and card exchange with elders. A set of four kits will be distributed to paired eldercare/service organizations and schools in 36 communities statewide.