Connecticut Office of the Arts: READI to Age

Project Description


The READI to Age project will extend initial work done in 2018/2019 to measure the influence of arts, wellness and vital involvement in aging (AWVIA) with songwriting as the arts modality on low-income older adults living in a community setting. Building on pilot projects conducted in 2018/2019, trained songwriters will facilitate a period of music engagement and collective songwriting workshops with elder residents in multiple HUD-subsidized (AHEPA) housing communities. The focus of the project will be to: (1) expand the pilot program by adding at least two teaching artists and providing training in concepts of vital involvement/meaningful engagement; (2) expand services to low-income elder communities, beginning with AHEPA and identifying additional residential facility partners, particularly those which serve and are located in communities of color; (3) identify and develop relationships with Connecticut  state agencies and other organizations working with aging adults; (4) create a feedback loop for participants and project hosts to provide data that will inform next steps. The primary goal of this project is to measure the influence of AWVIA with songwriting as the arts modality on low-income older adults. Statistically significant findings from prior research support a growing body of evidence that the arts, in this case music engagement, help promote positive physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being among vulnerable elders, increasing their chances of thriving in an independent living setting.