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Native Village of Koyuk

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Alaska State Council on the Arts

Alice Bioff

Alice Bioff, Native Village of Koyuk, is from Koyuk, Alaska, and has worked since 2010 in the Community Planning and Development Department of Kawerak, an Alaska Native regional tribal consortium. As the business planning specialist, she is a resource partner connecting small businesses with programs that offer technical assistance in small-business development to the residents of the 16 communities of the Bering Strait region. Bioff has worked for native nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years since attaining her B.A. in rural development from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. In addition to her experience, Bioff is the founder and owner of Naataq Gear and brings with her the experience of owning her own business as an apparel design manufacturer. With her Inupiaq values close at heart, Bioff is a strong supporter of small-business development that supports the diverse economic landscape in the state of Alaska. (Board term 2022-2024)