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December 5, 2018

State Arts Agencies Advancing Equity

As part of NASAA’s work in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion among state arts agencies and at NASAA, our research team continues to analyze the location of grant awards and activities and to show who benefits from those awards. Expanding on NASAA’s visualizing grant diversity data tools, the team has produced two new dynamic infographics on state arts agency grant making in relationship to measurements of race equity and economic equity.

The infographics show how state arts agency grantees serve populations of color and economically disadvantaged groups and provide county level demographics for further context. This information is useful in understanding how your state’s visualizing-grant-diversity data compares with national benchmarks.

While state arts agencies deliver substantial funding to these populations, the data suggest room for growth in how to measure equitable grant-making practices and what actions to take to advance equity on multiple fronts.

If you have any questions about the infographics, or would like to discuss further analysis of your state’s data, please contact Patricia Mullaney-Loss or Ryan Stubbs.

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