House Approves Funding Increase for National Endowment for the Arts

December 17, 2019
From: Isaac Brown, Legislative Counsel
Vol. 19:08

Today, the House of Representatives voted to approve a FY2020 funding package that includes an increase in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts from its current level of $155 million to $162 million. In approving this bill, the House takes an important step toward preventing a government shutdown, with the deadline for enactment Friday. The Senate is expected to pass this bill unchanged in the next few days and the President is expected to sign it into law.

We at NASAA are grateful for the tremendous support and hard work undertaken by members of Congress from both parties to negotiate this deal. We recognize that there was considerable pressure to reduce federal spending, so an increase in funding for the Arts Endowment is noteworthy. NASAA will continue to monitor events over the coming days, and will keep you up to date.