Congress Passes Budget for Remainder of FY2015

From: Isaac Brown, Legislative Counsel
Vol. 14:11
December 14, 2014

The Senate voted late Saturday to approve a budget for most federal agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), for the remainder of fiscal year 2015. The Department of Homeland Security, the lone agency not receiving funding for the remainder of the fiscal year, had its budget approved for three months, meaning that the new Congress will need to approve funding for that agency once again in 2015.

The bill, which passed narrowly in both chambers of Congress after intense lobbying from the White House and Republican leadership, funds the National Endowment for the Arts at its current level, $146 million. The bill eliminates the line item for the Our Town program and moves the funding into the NEA’s Direct Grants account.

Here is funding information on other federal agencies and programs of interest to NASAA members:

  • The Arts in Education Program at the Department of Education received level funding of $25 million for the remainder of the fiscal year.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities received a funding level of $146 million, the same as FY2014.
  • The Institute of Museum and Library Services received an increase of $1 million, to almost $228 million.

With the budget now resolved, Congress is expected to adjourn soon for the remainder of the year. When it returns in January, Republicans will assume control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House.

In my forthcoming NASAA Notes column, I will include information on the make-up of the new Congress and what we as arts advocates must do to prepare for the new year. In the meantime, feel free to contact me for more information at 202-540-9162,