Creative Industries Briefing

NASAA’s Creative Industries Briefing on Capitol Hill in April 2018 captured the economic power and business value of the arts for an audience of federal legislators and their staff as well as arts advocates. Discover the outstanding insights offered by our speakers, and make use of these free resources to propel your case making.

NEA Chairman Jane Chu shared new findings on the economic value of the arts. U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski underscored the importance of the arts to economies large and small. Resources:

The Arts Contribute More Than $760 Billion to the U.S. Economy

The U.S. Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account (1998-2015)

Facts & Figures on the Creative Economy

Why Should Government Support the Arts?

BEA economist Mauricio Ortiz presented new data on the contributions of the arts and culture to the U.S. economy. NASAA Research Director Ryan Stubbs explained a new tool revealing arts industries’ influences by state. Resources:

Arts and Culture Grow for Fourth Straight Year

BEA State Fact Sheets

State Level ACPSA Data, 2001-2015

Creative Economy State Profiles

Midas Gold Idaho President and CEO Laurel Sayer offered examples of how creativity and innovation power businesses and elevate community vitality. Resources:

Act Now! (animated videos on American Ingenuity and more)

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts & Cultural Organizations & Their Audiences

Creative Economy FAQs

Kohler Co. Senior Vice President Laura Kohler emphasized the importance of creative thinking to business success. Resources:

The Arts & America’s Bottom Line

Act Now! (animated videos on American Ingenuity and more)

Why Should Government Support the Arts?

Kohler’s Remarks at Creative Industries Briefing